The Shabbat

Who would have imagined the answer is right under your nose? 

In 2020, Shabbat is the most valuable asset that the Jewish nation has to offer. Today’s demands for sanity, serenity, camaraderie and meaning are non-negotiable. That’s why Olami Manhattan is focusing our energies on all things Shabbat. From offering Shabbat catering packages, Challah Drop-Offs, and even a pop-up Shuk outside of the JEC to grab all your Shabbat to-go’s. When it comes to Shabbat, we’ve got you covered!

The Shabbat Library

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The Stories of Shabbat

Educator: Rabbi Shmuel Lynn

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The Laws of Shabbat

Educator: Rabbi Blachman

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The History of Shabbat

Educator: Rabbi Mendy

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The Deeper Meaning of Shabbat

Educator: Rabbi Jack Cohen

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The Friendships of Shabbat

Educator: Taly

Shabbat EVENTS