Our Members. Our Partners. Our builders.

Olami Manhattan’s goals are to foster a vibrant, values-driven community of young NYC Jews who come together through their shared love for the Jewish nation and Jewish wisdom, and to provide high-impact learning opportunities of all kinds and at all levels to as many people as possible. Our members are not mere recipients of these services — they’re partners in time, energy, insight and resources — they’re role models, leaders and builders. This shared responsibility is what makes our community a real community. Every active member who becomes a true builder makes it even more real.

OM Builder

$36/month - Become a builder and lay the bricks of Olami manhattan.

Building Olami Manhattan Brick by Brick

OM Foreman

$72/month - See the big picture and take a lead in the process.
Be part of the bigger picture 

OM architect

$180/month - Design and Plan the Design of Olami Manhattan

Be a Stakeholder in the design of Olami Manhattan