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Are you looking to learn in a warm, accepting, and friendly environment? IGNITE is on Monday nights every other week.  Women will be matched up with tutors to learn one on one. With a new theme each rotation, IGNITE your spark and enrich your soul at your own pace, in your unique style, and in your own time. Sign up today!


Nishma is a two-part program delving deep into the sources of Torah. Climb Sinai, the first part of the evening is an interactive, team effort, hiking up the mountain that is the Torah, verse by verse, testing the sturdiness of each step. In conjuction, the second part of Nishma is called the Mitzvah Lab – which is a group of people working together to experiment and experience the power of God’s mitzvot.

nishma spiral up january 2019
final meor in the city

Meor In The City (MITC)

Meor In The City is our flagship evening which occurs every Wednesday night. Themed, open bar, delicious kosher dinner from Mexican to Chinese – we have created a home away from home on a Wednesday night to drink, socialize and network with other Jewish young professionals. Along-side the awesome vibes, we offer round the clock classes given by our dynamic staff on a wide range of topics from upcoming Jewish holidays to personal development classes. Join us for our showcase evening and be part of our community.

Manhattan Midrash

Manhattan Midrash is our weekly all men’s learning program where students partake in advanced Jewish learning with one-on-one Talmud trainers who are Rabbincal students.  They learn in-depth Talmudic study and analysis for 4 week sessions throughout the year. This opportunity allows men to learn Talmud in a relaxed environment and gain the skills and tools to further their Jewish learning.


Souled – Women Programming

SouledNYC is a new program designed for young Jewish women who are looking to stay connected while living and working in New York City. It is a vibrant and expanding community of incredible women who value growing together in their Judaism. SouledNYC is proud to be a part of Meor Manhattan in NYC and is excited to partner with other Olami affiliate organizations around the country and globe. We provide inspiring teachers, meditation classes, Shabbat placements, and enjoy a strong community of young, growing Jewish women.

360 | wednesday nights

360 is an invitation to explore Judaism by showing you the breathtaking views from its mountaintops, so you can choose your path from there. Every week will feature a twenty minute dynamic talk on a foundational topic in Judaism and its relevance to your life, a ten minute Q&A, and an opportunity to meet and hang out with a self-selected group of twenty-somethings looking for meaningful connections in the city. Of course, you will be enjoying great food and great drinks as you nourish your soul as well.

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