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shabbat dinners


Meor Manhattan hosts grand Shabbat dinners on a monthly basis. Meor Manhattan prides itself on a home away from home that captures Shabbat and brings in to the center of New York City. Hosting young professionals in the Meor Manhattan community – we host community Shabbat dinners where the liquor is flowing and the food is delicious! Join us for our next upcoming Shabbat dinner!


Along side our monthly Shabbat dinners, our rabbin staff: Rabbi Blachman and Rabbi Jack host at their homes with their families to host YOU! Looking for a more intimate Shabbat dinner experience, get in touch and we can hook you up.


Holiday Celebrations

What would a Jewish organization be without a celebrating the cycle of Jewish holidays? At Meor Manhattan we are creating a community in the heart of New York City. From hosting Succot meals, Passover seders and Shavuot learning opportunities – we host and educate our students about the different holidays and the power of those times.


Upcoming Shabbat and holidays

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